Treat yourself to a 1 hour dog sled ride, 2 hours or more and come live the magic of this ancestral sport in the heart of our beautiful forest.  

Before to start...

Some information

The "total time" expressed in the following subsections is variable according to several factors. The "sleding times" refer to the time spent on sled, in the path, excluding the time of preparations.

Whether you have already experienced this sport or not, an introduction to dogs, safety instructions, sled driving, dog handling and the answer to all your questions will be done before departure.

 The dogsledding is an extreme sport... for all !

Sled driving is not an obvious thing and dogs will keep their speed (and speed up) in the forest, in the curves and other dangerous places ... The practice of this sport requires good reflexes and good nerves. You should also know that it will require a lot of physical effort from you, perhaps equivalent to an ice hockey game.

If you are not sure if you can drive your sled, to avoid accidents and injuries, you have the option, for an additional fee of $ 50, to be driven by one of our guides.

Wearing a helmet (snowboard type, or hockey) and glasses (type of ski or safety) is highly recommended and mandatory for children. You have them: bring them! Otherwise, we have it for you (free).

Unfortunately, our sleds have a load limit per customer equivalent to approximately 275 lbs (125kg) of body weight.

The child rate is determined by a weight of less than 100 lbs (45 kg) and not by age. Adolescents usually count for adults.

Children or teenagers wishing to drive their team can usually do so from the age of twelve (12) depending on their sporting abilities.
Despite any phone agreement, it's at the time of preparation that my guides and I decide if these young people can actually drive or not. They then enter the pricing category: adult.

Alone, two, in family, with a group ...

The colonial ride

  • Sled time : 1 hour
  • Total time : 2h30
  • Intensity : Beginner
  • Price : 100$\child 180$\adult (+tx)

Welcome to our typical colonial land.
The lush, representative forest of the Laurentian Maple to Yellow Birch forests was maintained by the first inhabitants of the region to favor the sugar maple to eventually make its wonderful syrup. The maple groves in our countryside are a heritage legacy of major importance in Quebec.


Great little sporty hike for the whole family that will take you on narrow trails with exciting elevations. Three levels of difficulty of tracks will be offered to you and after some experiments of the basic track, we will help you to decide if you are able to make a higher level!

Sacret ground ride (from January)

  • Sled time : 2 hours
  • Total time : an half-day
  • Intensity : Intermediate
  • Price : 75$\child, 180$\adult (+tx)

The great forests surrounding Lake Simon have since time immemorial been sacred hunting grounds for indigenous peoples here : the Oueskarinis. You are invited as a guest of honor.


This hike for experienced people or athletes will take you through the mountains and valleys of the Petite-Nation Forest. You will discover wonderful places with forests of many types, views, and some secret lakes.

Petite-Nation coutryside ride (not available)

  • Sled time : 3 hours and more
  • Total time :  5 hours and more
  • Intensity: Advanced 
  • Price : please contact

Being able to extend on hundreds of kilometers, the tracks which crisscross these countries are not frequented. In many places, no machine can even follow us ...


This is great for a raid of one or more days. You will discover fantastic lakes, mountains, cliffs and breathtaking landscapes.


Also, a whole fauna not accustomed to people will watch you pass a little dazed ...


Festival and others public event

You organize a public event for your corporation or for your municipality? Do you have a large enough placeto accommodate us (the equivalent of a soccer field or a schoolyard)?


The Pack Tanwen moves for your event! For one, two or three sledges, we offer a safe, professional and dynamic service, enhanced by a friendly people who will please your customers. Request a quote and compare.