Meute Tanwen

Our name comes from old Gaelic (tribute to my irish ancestors...) and means white fire. Just like this paradox of the snow that burns our eyes


A word about me...

Hello, my name is Éric Pichette, I'm the owner of the pack

I am a folk musician & storyteller. I am also passionate about history, biology and many other topics of the life!



Welcome to my home. I hope you enjoy your adventure with my wolf family! If you want, I will tell you the Petite-Nation history

I’ll tell you about the fauna and flora of our region, the history of the dog sled or life in the woods in the time of New France.

Our history

The Tanwen Pack, fonded in 2005, is the result of a passion for ancestral sport as well as for wonderful animals that give without counting.
Our dogs are very players and will adopt you at first contact. 
For most short-haired Siberian huskies, they are trained to work, but also to respond to various hunting and game commands.
We raise our puppies like our children and they give us back on the sleds ... !  

Also, we say pack because the dogs are born, live and die here with family.

An overview of our wolves


Year of birth : 2005 

Grand chief and best dog in the world, my best friend, he is here to please me. Very sweet and welcoming, very patient with children.

Breed : Siberian Husky

Pépin le Bref

Year of birth : 2005 

It's Chilperik's twin. With his brother, they make the law in the kennel.
Very dedicated but less listening than his brother. He always has something to prove. Pepin will show you his "aggressive" love.

Breed : Siberian Husky


Year of birth : 2014 

Son of Chilperik, inherited the sacred skills of "great leader". Our yellow fury, the sun dog. Very good leader, very fast. All that interests him is to run.

Breed : Siberian and Seppala Husky


Year of birth : 2014

Descendant of our great chief Coyote. He loves to give kisses in the neck (if you give him the chance). Summum of what can be expected of a sled dog (fast, powerful)

Breed :  Husky, greyhound, wild wolf 


Year of birth: 2011

The mascot of the kennel ! 
Everyone falls in love with him, very patient with other dogs.
Sweet, dedicated and very powerful considering his (over)weight. 
Born in apartment in Hull, saved from boring and monotonous life.  

Breed : Malamute boxer


Year of birth: 2009

A dog love ! Very sweet ! 
He has everything for him and can
do all the roles on the sled. 
He is one of the least fighters. He loves to play stop and go. 

Breed : Siberian Husky


Year of birth : 2012

Lover boy !
He will put his dough on your shoulders and lick you gently. If you go away, be careful, it will do the same in the back! Powerful dog, very consistent but brawling.

Breed : Husky, wild wolf, greyhound, german brack


Year of birth : 2015

Son of Chilperik, a very proud dog, a leader, he leads the big teams. Very submissive with humans. Go fight with other dogs to have your attention! You will appreciate when he puts his little dough on you slowly!

Breed :  Siberian and Seppala Husky


Year of birth : 2015

Twin of Donaconna. Very sure of him! One of the best for leading big teams. A lot of reminder and listening.

Breed : Siberian and Seppala Husky

Tribute to ancestors 






The musher and handler team

The last year you saw with me :
Léo, Benoit, Lucie, Alex, and Marine. 

Thanks warriors team ! 

This year the new team is composed of : 

Nicolas, Clémence, Guillaume et Marine

We look forward to seeing you !

See you soon !