Meute Tanwen

Our name comes from old Gaelic (tribute to my irish ancestors...) and means white fire. Just like this paradox of the snow that burns our eyes


A word about me...

Hello, my name is Éric Pichette, I'm the owner of the pack

I am a folk musician & storyteller. I am also passionate about history, biology and many other topics of the life!



Welcome to my home. I hope you enjoy your adventure with my wolf family! If you want, I will tell you the Petite-Nation history

I’ll tell you about the fauna and flora of our region, the history of the dog sled or life in the woods in the time of New France.

Our history

The Tanwen Pack, fonded in 2005, is the result of a passion for ancestral sport as well as for wonderful animals that give without counting.
Our dogs are very players and will adopt you at first contact. 
For most short-haired Siberian huskies, they are trained to work, but also to respond to various hunting and game commands.
We raise our puppies like our children and they give us back on the sleds ... !  

Also, we say pack because the dogs are born, live and die here with family.

An overview of our wolves

Tribute to ancestors 





Freya Suma