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Dogsledding Packages

We offer various packages, ranging from one-hour tours to multiday expeditions. Our daytime tours are open to the public. Everyone from young children (ages two and up) to grandparents are welcome. You can drive or be driven on various routes, depending on your preferences for scenery, time and difficulty level. We also enjoy bringing the pack to schools, festivals, etc. We offer an introductory course for large groups of adults or children, so we can accommodate more people in a short time and at little cost.









Important points

* The sledding times mentioned in the following tours vary depending on a range of factors and exclude preparation time.

* Even if you have some dogsledding experience, before setting off we’ll introduce you to the dogs, explain the safety rules, provide instruction on driving the sled and handling the dogs, and answer any questions.

* Dogsledding is an extreme sport … for everyone! Driving a dogsled isn’t easy. The dogs keep their speed (and may even go faster) in the woods, on curves and in other perilous spots. You need good reflexes and strong nerves. It’s important to know that dogsledding requires considerable physical effort, about as much as playing an ice hockey match.

* If you’re not sure you can drive a dogsled, you can opt to be driven by one of our guides to avoid any accidents or injuries for a minimum additional cost of $40.

* We strongly recommend wearing a snowboarding or hockey helmet and ski or safety goggles. If you’ve got them, bring them! If not, we can provide them.

* Unfortunately, our sleds have a load limit equivalent to about 275 lb (125 kg) in body weight per client.

* Child rates depend on weight—must be less than 100 lb (45 kg)—rather than age. Teenagers are usually charged at adult rates.

*Teenagers that would like to drive there own sled can do so some time as early as 12 years old depending on there endurance and skills. We will decide to let theme drive only wen we see the kids and we have tested there potential during the preparations... they would then be charged "young driver" in the tariff chart below.



N.B. We are moving, so trails descriptions and names will change, but prices based on sledding time will stay the same.  

Tariff Board 

Name Duration Adulte (Bef.tx.) Children(Bef.tx.)  

Going to Dupuis Lake 

sledding: 1h

Total : 2h30

100$ 50$  
Sugar bush run

sledding: 2h

Total: half day

150$ 75$  



Montagnes Noires (Black Mountains) and Petite-Nation backcountry Whole day and more on demand    






Going to Dupuis Lake 


Short run

Time: 20 minutes

Level: Beginner

$20/child, $30/adult

***For groups of at least 10 people***

This is a great introduction to dogsledding and the most cost‑effective way of trying out the sport. No explanations are required. You just hop on the sled and go for a short run through our nearby sugar bush! We take a few people at a time while the others get to know the dogs, warm up by the fire or go for a walk by the river. Perfect for school field trips, business groups, etc.


Time: 1 hour

Level: Beginner

$50/child, $100/adult

Lovely and full exciting little tour for the whole family that takes you true danse forest and narrow trails, going fast! Sometimes going up hill and sometimes down!  If conditions are good we can then go on the lake for a tour.  Be prepared for some hard work going up the hill. Fortunately, what goes up must come down!









Sugar bush run

Time: 2 to 3 hours

Level: Beginner

$80/child,  175$/adult

Extra: Visit to sugar shack with interpretation and maple product tasting, $15/person


Sugar bushes are part of our Quebec heritage. This tour—our most popular—takes you through Petite-Nation’s hills and dales, from one sugar bush to another. It's an easy ride but with good hills to climb... and to glide down! 

You can also stop halfway to relax at a wonderful old-fashioned family sugarhouse . If you reserve, for a few dollars extra, the owner will happily explain this traditional activity.Sitting comfortably by the fire with a drink or some maple taffy—you won’t want to leave!





Montagnes Noires (Black Mountains) and Petite-Nation backcountry

Time: 3 hours to several days

Level: Intermediate to advancedcrédit : Grönåsens Älgparkcrédit : Grönåsens Älgpark

Rates: On request

The trails in these parts, which could extend over hundreds of kilometres, are seldom used. There are many places where motorized vehicles simply cannot go. It’s a perfect area for a one-day or multiday trek. You’ll discover fantastic lakes, mountains, cliffs and breathtaking scenery.

And all kinds of animals unaccustomed to seeing people will look a little dazed as you go past. Includes Mont-Grand-Pic, Grand lac du Pin Rouge, Saint-Sixte Lake, Lac Vert (Green Lake) and many other highlights.





Coming for the 2018-19 season....

Sled and night in a cabin

Chalet-sucrerie pour nuitésChalet-sucrerie pour nuités

Feel like going on an incredible adventure and relaxing? Reserve our family cabin and the Tanwen Pack will take you there and whisk you back the next day or a few days later in total peace and quiet while the dogs do their work.

This cosy little cabin attached to the family sugarhouse comfortably sleeps four adults (two double beds upstairs in an open-concept space). Contact us for more information or to make a reservation.

 Learn more...














Festivals and other public events

Are you organizing a public event for your company or municipality? Do you have enough room to accommodate us (the equivalent of a soccer field or schoolyard)? The Tanwen Pack can come to your event! For one, two or three sleds, we offer a friendly, professional, lively, safe service that people will love. Ask for a quote and compare.

Upcoming festivals



N.B. Nous avons déménagé au 135 Chenail du Moine à Lac-des-Plages 

We moved to the above address

Là où le traîneau à chiens prend une autre dimension !

 Were dog sledding takes an other dimension !




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Check us out in the Organized & Self-Guided Tours Ottawa & Gatineau e-book by Diana Kirkwood, published by kobo @ $2.99.