The Tanwen Pack was founded in 2005 out of a love for a time-honoured sport and for wonderful animals that give so much. Our dogs are very playful and will warm to you straightaway. Most of them are short-haired Siberian huskies, and all are trained to work and respond to various hunting and playing commands. We raise our puppies like our children and they give back a lot on the sleds! Our name comes from ancient Gaelic (to honour my Irish ancestors) and means white fire, to evoke the white-hot passion within the dogs and us, as well as the pristine snowflakes that fall to earth.

The word pack refers to the fact that our dogs are born, live and die here as a family.

Here are some photos of the lead dogs in the Tanwen Pack. We have many other dogs and we love them very much, but these form the core of the pack and are central to our work.


Chilpérik, the leader of the pack. A gentle, calm dog (well, calm for a husky) who likes people. Instead of becoming my secondChilperik le chef de meuteChilperik le chef de meutein command (improbable for a husky), he has quickly become my best friend. He’d follow me anywhere and is always alert to my signals.  He loves to please me, but most of all loves running along the trails! Well done, big boy!













Pépin le brèfPépin le brèf

Pépin le Bref, or “ze bad boy,” Chilpérik’s brother. He’s not quite so obedient!!








Dagobert, the third brother. He has a big heart and is always ready to hit the trail!

Maman Sourie, the triplets’ mother. As the oldest member of the pack, she’s the undisputed matriarch and holds a special place by my side.





Zia, darling Zia! Daughter of Sourie, she’s mother’s daughter and only obeys her mother. In fact, she’d probably like to do away with all the other females in the kennel! She’s a bundle of energy and the only other female gutsy enough to lead a 12-dog team.


Milord , father of the triplets. He passed away at 17. He wanted to keep running, right to the end! On this very photo is 15...











Coyote, the first leader of the Tanwen Pack (2005–2009). He’s now passed on. His grandmother mated with a wild wolf in the woods around Saint-Michel-des-Saints. He always was hard-headed. Hi, buddy! 

Pholos and Cirius, Coyote’s worthy sons. The mother of these amazing twins was Varuna, a greyhound cross. 


N.B. Nous déménageons au 135 Chenail du Moine à Lac-des-Plages 

We are moving to the above address

Là où le traîneau à chiens prend une autre dimension !


Were dog sledding takes an other dimension !





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Check us out in the Organized & Self-Guided Tours Ottawa & Gatineau e-book by Diana Kirkwood, published by kobo @ $2.99.