Come on a great adventure!

Are you a something of an extremist? Want to experience the rigours as well as all the beauty of nature? Feel like pushing your limits? Come and enjoy the ultimate dogsledding experience!You’ll drive your own dog team and sleep in huts deep in the woods or wrapped up warm out under the stars! Our trails criss-cross the Petite-Nation backcountry through otherwise inaccessible areas. No motorized vehicles can follow us there and nothing is quieter than our wolves hard at work. You’ll be able to observe animals usually frightened away by engine noise. Driving a team of dogs through the woods (or being driven) will bring you so close to nature. You can imagine how the first French explorers and thousands of generations of Native people lived as they harnessed up their dogs to go to their winter camps.

Meals can be included in expedition packages and are usually cooked on a traditional campfire. Most ingredients come from local organic farms. We can provide any equipment you need to spend the night in the forest: winter sleeping bags, carrying bags, axes, knives, bowls, snowshoes, etc.

Our overnight trips to the forest are open to everyone, but we reserve the right to turn down anyone we feel isn’t fit enough for the expedition.

We teach wilderness survival and first-aid skills before setting off, and there is an established emergency safety procedure. We also provide two-way radios.

Our guides are experienced and have a sound knowledge of orienteering, survival, first aid and, most importantly, life in the bush. No effort has been spared to ensure a completely safe expedition.

Expeditions have to be prepared carefully in advance. Please contact us by e-mail or telephone if you have any questions.

Our expeditions are great adventures—totally unforgettable!!

We extend a special welcome to Scout groups from Canada and around the world. A dogsledding tour is a perfect opportunity to earn a winter scouting badge or other award

N.B. Nous déménageons au 135 Chenail du Moine à Lac-des-Plages 

We are moving to the above address

Là où le traîneau à chiens prend une autre dimension !


Were dog sledding takes an other dimension !





Trouvez-nous dans le guide Organized & Self-Guided Tours Ottawa & Gatineau e-book écrit par Diana Kirkwood et publié par kobo @ $2.99.
Check us out in the Organized & Self-Guided Tours Ottawa & Gatineau e-book by Diana Kirkwood, published by kobo @ $2.99.